Gabrielle Cerberville

Gabrielle Cerberville is an American composer, artist, and musician from Pennsylvania and New York. She holds a Bachelor of Music from Butler University in composition, and has studied with Dr. Frank Felice and Dr. Michael Schelle. Her works have been featured on Composer's Circle, Homeschooler's Anonymous: Poets and Artists, and in several public forums. Her work has also extended to film, and her scores were featured in A Silent Universe (2012) and Yves Mineaux's Last Request (2013). Gabrielle is inspired by the sensual nature of the world around her, and seeks to create art that is both practical and innovative, with an edge of wit and natural sarcasm. Many of her works comment on absurdity, complexity, and the poignancy of nature and culture, as well as delving into the deeper questions of life, the universe, and everything. Gabrielle currently lives and works in Indianapolis with her husband Jordan and their two cats, Zaphod and Bartók.