Allan Boesak

Allan   Boesak Allan A. Boesak is the Executive Director and Chair of the Desmond Tutu Center. Dr. Boesak grew up in Western Cape, South Africa and is currently a visiting professor at Butler University and Christian Theological Seminary, both located in Indianapolis, Indiana. He studied at the University of Western Cape and earned his doctorate in theology from the Protestant Theological University in Kampen, Netherlands. Dr. Boesak is a theologian, humanitarian, prolific author, and tireless advocate for social justice. His early activism and service led to international recognition as an influential leader in the fight against apartheid. During the 1980s and 1990s, he worked alongside Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela to lead efforts against apartheid and promote reconciliation. Previously, Dr. Boesak taught and lectured at several theological institutions, colleges, and universities throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. An abbreviated summary of his leadership from the 1970s thru the dawn of the 21st century includes: board member of the Christian Institute of Southern Africa; National President, Association of Christian Students in South Africa; Chairman, The Confessing Circle of the Black Dutch Reformed Churches; Editor of Dunamis, the quarterly publication of The Confessing Circle; President, Alliance of Black Reformed Christians in Southern Africa; National Vice President, South African Council of Churches; and advisor on theological and socio-political matters to several ecumenical bodies, including the World Council of Churches and the All Africa Conference of Churches. He also served as President of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, and as founding member of the Ecumenical Association of Third World Theologians, and advisor to the Apartheid Commission of the UN. Dr. Boesak has authored 17 books, and edited or co-edited four, in addition to publishing numerous articles on theology and politics.