Group: College Mentors for Kids

A growing nonprofit organization, College Mentors for Kids pairs nearly 1,900 first- through sixth-grade children with 2,200 local college student mentors. College Mentors' signature mentor program has chapters on 26 college and university campuses in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Virginia, New York, and Ohio. Through weekly after-school activities focused on higher education and career, culture and diversity, and community service, mentors help their "little buddies" understand the importance of education, show them the benefits to cultural understanding, and teach them ways to give back to their community. Mentoring relationships are not only beneficial for children, but the college students, as well. Mentors learn about the resources their campus offers, leadership skills and the need for positive role models in their communities. At College Mentors for Kids, we motivate kids and college students to reach their full potential to positively impact the community.