Bonnie Raines

Bonnie Raines grew up in a progressive household in Grand Rapids, MI. She was the first in her family to attend college and majored in elementary education at Michigan State University. In the summer of 1961, one year shy of completing her degree, Bonnie met her future husband, John Raines, when she waited on his table. He had just returned from being a “Freedom Rider” in the South. After they married, Bonnie and John moved to New York where she completed her degree. They had their first of four children in 1963 all the while becoming more active in the civil rights movement. In 1966, they moved to Philadelphia. She and John joined other progressive people protesting the war in Vietnam and were drawn into what was then called "the Catholic left” which used the concept of resistance to disrupt the military draft. It was in this context that Bonnie met Bill Davidon, who invited her to join the group that would eventually break in to FBI offices. Once the mission was accomplished, she quietly went back to her day-to-day life where she gained a masters degree and became an early childhood specialist. In recent years, she has concentrated on child advocacy and public policy. She and John continue to live in Philadelphia and remain politically active.