Dr. Paul R. Mullins

Paul Mullins is a historical archaeologist who studies consumer culture in the last half-millennium.  This includes research on the intersection of material consumption and the color line; the emergence of consumer society in northern Europe; and the relationship between popular culture and materiality in the contemporary world.  He is a Professor in the Department of Anthropology and (with my colleague Susan Hyatt) Charles R. Bantz Chancellor’s Community Fellow (2016-2017); Docent in Historical Archaeology at the University of Oulu (Finland); Past-President of the Society for Historical Archaeology (2012-2013); and a former Fulbright Scholar in Fall 2012 at the University of Oulu.  He is the author of Race and Affluence: An Archaeology of African America and Consumer Culture and The Archaeology of Consumer Culture, and he blogs at Archaeology and Material Culture.