Signature Events &
Award of Awesomeness 

Superhero's Bash:
2017 Opening Night Kick Off Event

We kicked off the 2017 festival with a family-friendly event geared for superheros of all walks of life! Families wore costumes, played games, made their own masks, and explored how they could use their SUPER NEIGHBOR powers in their community. 

22nd Annual Public Conversation 
Spirit & Place put a fresh twist on the 2017 Public Conversation. Working with our partners, we brought the humanities to life through dramatic readings, lecture, and facilitated dialogue using the civic reflection technique. Along with song and music, the the audience was invited to grapple with how to hold the tension of difficult conversations we know we must have. .

Award of Awesomeness Nominees
Congratulation to our 2017 Award of Awesomeness winner, Kheprw Institute for the event Break the Chains Off! The History of Hip-Hop in Power and Resistance!

The 2017 nominees were . . .

The Almighty Pollock Paint Launch Affair

K(no)w Voice, K(no) Power
Welcoming Strangers, Finding Brothers and Sisters
Break the Chains Off! History of Hip Hop in Power & Resistance (WINNER!)
Embodied Power: Breath, Voice, Yoga