Michael Pace

Michael Pace is a Delaware tribal member from the Delaware Tribe of Indians in Oklahoma.  His mother was Thelma Leona Elkhair a full blood Delaware.  Michael is the great grandson of Charlie Elkhair, the last hereditary ceremonial chief of the Delaware Tribe.  Michael has served his tribe in many capacities, notably Assistant Chief for 8 years and as Treasurer for 3 years.  Having grown up in a traditional manner, he is a stomp dance leader, Lenape social dance singer, Southern Straight Dancer and Pow-Wow singer.  As a public speaker he has spoken in many venues around the U.S. and has addressed many issues on Native American Culture, Language and stereotyping of the American Indian.


Through his work at Conner Prairie, Michael is educating the public on Delaware/Lenape culture, language and the early history of Indiana when the tribe was traveling through Ohio and Indiana territory. 


Michael has served as director and advisor for many projects and institutions dealing with the Delaware Tribe and Native American issues, as he wants to insure the true story of culture, traditions and language is being told and presented in an unbiased and proper manner.