Theresa Arnold

Theresa Arnold is a 31-year veteran educator and a teacher at the Learning Center for Pregnant and Parenting Teens, an Indianapolis Public School program designed to meet the needs of pregnant students and young mothers. Teen pregnancy is a major cause of young women dropping out of school. Studies have shown a strong correlation between completion of high school and decreased long-term welfare dependence. The Learning Center seeks to help pregnant girls stay in school, nurture healthy babies, develop positive self-esteem and become responsible parents. Theresa has been partnering with the Epworth Stitchers since 2001 to supply layette sets to her students. The layettes typically include a book, toy, baby lotion, baby wipes and hand-made blankets and clothing from the Stitchers, along with a personal note and prayers of encouragement. "These young ladies are no different than most. They have hopes, dreams and goals, but they face obstacles many people do not," Arnold says of her students. An accomplished quilter herself, Arnold is a member of the Quilters' Guild of Indianapolis.