Janet McCabe

Janet McCabe is the executive director of Improving Kids’ Environment, a non-profit advocacy group based in Indianapolis that works to reduce environmental threats to children’s health and assure information is available to families about environmental threats.  She has been working through the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis to encourage local congregations to become Green Sanctuaries. 

Ms. McCabe is an adjunct professor at the IUPUI School of Public and Environmental Affairs and at the Department of Public Health at the IU School of Medicine. From 1993-2005, Ms. McCabe held several positions in the Office of Air Quality of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and was the director of that office beginning in 1998.  Prior to moving to Indiana, Ms. McCabe was assistant secretary for environmental affairs for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, overseeing that state’s environmental impact review program and from 1984-1989 was a Massachusetts Assistant Attorney General in the Environmental Protection Division.  She graduated from Harvard Law School in 1983 and Harvard College in 1980.