We Have A DREAM Committee (An initiative of El Puente Project)

El Puente Project is about mobilizing and empowering immigrant and non-immigrant Latino/a youth to achieve their potential. Translated to "The Bridge," El Puente creates bridges to knowledge, opportunity, and resources to increase accessibility to post-secondary education. 

El Puente Project is committed to social justice. We know that the development of social and human capital depends on fair and equal access to educational opportunity. We recognize that access to this opportunity is embedded in a complex narrative of social and material conditions shaping family and community life. We believe that parents, schools, and communities share a special responsibility for supporting Latino/a youth as they struggle with that narrative to choose a path and make something of themselves. 

We Have a DREAM is a youth-led initiative of El Puente. The original group was formed in 2005 when three George Washington High School learned about the DREAM Act and wrote a grant to raise awareness among their peers. Since then we have grown into a statewide movement and continue to be the only formal group in Indiana organizing around the DREAM Act. We Have A DREAM activities include presentations at schools, community organizations and conferences; legislative visits; participations in regional and national youth trainings; the DREAM quilt and a voter registration concert.