Maria Del Pilar

Born in Colombia, South America. Mother, Entrepreneur, Spanish translator, strong advocate for Christ.


Maria has been in the United States since 2000, pregnant upon arrival, she won a VISA to come to America out of 200 women. The many challenges that were presented coming to another country, the cultural differences,  the food and the language barriers (with very little English) prior to coming, has made a lasting impact upon her. For instance, being totally mis-understood for her actions, choices, phrases, the way she dresses, her strong beliefs has caused her much pain. Her story is one of strength, strong faith, hope and a tremendous amount of love. Her experience in 2004 at the Great Banquet changed her life. She now seeks God’s plan for her life. She has a divine appointment with the director of Faith, Hope and Love International in Indianapolis in July 2005. She feels that her purpose and reason for being in this country is now revealed and she feels fulfilled in her role as the mother, entrepreneur and one of the founding members of the bilingual Christian magazine, La Voz Cristiana.