Nan Brooks

Nan Brooks (workshop facilitator) is a storyteller, writer, actress, and clergywoman who believes in the power of story to change and enhance lives. She has produced theatre based on oral histories and autobiographies for over twenty years and performed as storyteller for numerous organizations in Indiana and the Midwest. She served as a living history presenter for the Indiana Humanities Council, using storytelling in the first person as Eleanor Roosevelt and toured the U.S. for twenty years in her plays Dear Mrs. Roosevelt, Scars, and Women at the Gateway. Nan has written and directed oral-history based productions for the Indiana University Integrated Course Program, the IUPUI Women’s Studies Program, and the AFL-CIO Women in Labor conference. She has performed at festivals and conferences throughout the U.S. As an ordained priestess for the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess-International, she incorporates archetypal myths and stories in worship services and continues to teach storytelling techniques to congregants in Indianapolis and nationally.