Linnea Nilsen Capshaw

Linnea Nilsen Capshaw is a coach, facilitator, consultant and trainer working with congregations, faith based and ethical organizations nationally to build God’s Dream on earth.  Linnea assesses client situations thoroughly and identifies how she can most effectively assist them to meet their short and long-term needs.

Most recently, Linnea has started a new organization, Deep Shift, working with Brian McLaren and Denise VanEck to develop a unique long-term partnership with new and established faith communities and other organizations.  Recognizing that both starting and changing the culture of an organization take a significant amount of time and effort, the Deep Shift team has developed a process of journeying with organizations over a course of years to create a sustainable process for discerning and implementing change in this modern—postmodern world. We also offer training and coaching to get you started and moving along the path.

Linnea specializes in assessing and recommending change necessary to maximize church faithfulness in furthering God’s dream on earth. Ms. Nilsen Capshaw has been trained as a consultant by Bill Easum and Tom Bandy in facilitating comprehensive church assessments and implementation of a change process to achieve faithful church growth.  The assessments include reviewing a congregation’s mission, vision and values, spirituality and faith community, worship, equipping ministry and missions, organizational structure, staffing, space and place, and finances. She is an Associate with Easum, Bandy & Associates.

Linnea has been trained to coach church planters as well as church leaders who are called to multiply their ministries through church planting, multi-site campuses, etc.  Linnea has over 15 years of experience in starting new initiatives and organizations and in coaching others to do so effectively.  Linnea is a Senior Associate with Jim Griffith in the Griffith Coaching Network.

In addition, Linnea works with churches to create systems of involvement for laity that fill them up rather than drain them, that empower them rather than burn them out, transforming them into wise and bold ministers for Christ in their daily lives. Linnea was trained by the Leadership Training Network, and is consults in the Equipping Church movement. She was a founding board member of LEAD of Mid-Atlantic. She is also on the board of Faith at Work, an organization that specializes in working with transforming churches by developing the culture and systems needed to help people identify their calls from God and support people on their life’s journey to hear God’s call on a daily basis.

Linnea is passionate about working with churches and faith based organizations to develop unique models for addressing the needs of community transformation. She held a major leadership role in the development of The House, a collaborative partnership ministry to transform the lives of inner city youth, in southeast Washington DC.  In addition, she participated in the early stages of development of the National Best Practices Collaborative to address community transformation through public/private/church/community partnerships.

She has experience in all of the following key requirements for creating strong church and faith based ministries: mission/vision/strategy development, leadership development, organizational design, staff and servant empowerment, spiritual development, system and process development, and relationship management.

Linnea started her own consulting firm, Nilsen Capshaw & Associates (formerly Alpha Health Partners), in 1995 and has developed collaborative partnerships with the aforementioned organizations since that time. She has the special gift of building positive relationships with people by fostering an environment of trust, honesty, and integrity.

Prior to consulting, Linnea had over ten years of experience as a health care administrator, facilitating positive change by developing leaders, empowering staff and implementing new organizational systems and strategies to achieve the mission and vision of the companies.

Helping God’s people organize in order to claim and use their gifts effectively to bring about the Kingdom of God is Linnea’s life’s work. She has been an active member in a number of different denominations over the years and is thus committed to coaching inter-denominationally.  Ms. Nilsen Capshaw grew up as a daughter of a Lutheran pastor, has four sibling pastors in the Lutheran church, and a mother with her Master’s in Divinity. As a result, Linnea has been enmeshed in church life for over thirty years and understands the complexities of the church environment.

Linnea has a Masters Degree in Hospital and Health Administration from the University of Iowa and is a graduate of Concordia College in Moorhead, MN with a major in Hospital Administration and a minor in Religion. Linnea is married to Daniel Capshaw, who she can’t wait to see each time she comes home from traveling, and lives in Columbia, Maryland.