Tracy Howe

The Restoration Project is a vision of musical and artistic partnership. It is founded upon the eternal hope of a loving creator and a belief that artists able to express anything about this hope and creator become a vehicle for spiritual and relational restoration.

Tracy Howe, visionary and lead artist of the group, was born in Boulder, CO, and now lives in the small mountain town of Woodland Park, CO. She loves backpacking and Colorado winters. She was classically trained on the piano and started composing music and writing stories by the age of 12. Her favorite authors are Thomas Merton, Tolkein, Lewis, Nouwen, and Madeleine L’Engle. She listens to all sorts of music and seeks out interesting indie artists. She has a Great Dane. She taught herself Portuguese. She likes espresso. After graduating from Colorado College in 2000, having studied comparative religion and music composition, she spent a year traveling with a missions org through the Southwest United States, Peru and Bolivia. She led worship in churches, schools, prisons, and stayed in over 250 host homes, from San Diego, CA, to indigenous Quechua villages in the Andes Mountains. Since then her dreams of seeing people, communities and nations restored and reconciled to a loving Creator and Father have only grown. She believes that relationship is the primary catalyst for restoration and justice.

It was not so much her ambition or desire for rock stardom that led her to book her first tour, but a desire to connect with people. About 400 shows later, her vision was refined and she was more focused than ever on bringing hope to broken people through music and relationship. Because of her desire to serve people and communities in the margins, The Restoration Project became a 501 (c ) 3 nonprofit in 2003 and "Restoration Village" was launched as a platform to share the resources and relationships gained through years of partnership and touring.

The Restoration Project traveled under the radar of industry and pop culture. Without the attention of media the group played on nearly 100 university campuses in 40 different states relying on relationships and new listeners to keep them moving forward. In 2005 the band was selected out of thousands of artists for the national NACA showcase (National Association for Colleges and Activities), the largest college booking showcase in the nation. Touring was focused on college and university campuses, but The Restoration Project has also visited prisons, drug rehab centers, inner city shelters and continues to visit communities throughout Latin America and the world.  Tracy maintains an active tour schedule in general market venues but in her current season, she has been focused on deepening relationships with a handful of communities in the US and South America, developing and sharing international resources (she speaks and sings in Spanish and Portuguese as well) and exploring alternative and sustainable models of touring and artistry that release people into their work, regardless of socio--economic situations or community size. Desiring deeply to help pioneers all over the world in bringing the presence of Jesus to their communities...and nations, Tracy is leading combined efforts to build helping networks in North, Central and South America.