Nemanja Ostojic

Nemanja Ostojic, born in Belgrade, Serbia, is considered to be one of the finest guitarists of the younger generation. He has graduated from the Belgrade Academy of Music in Serbia and is completing his Master of Music degree in Guitar Performance at Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University, Bloomington, where he works as an Associate Instructor. Nemanja has particular interest in Spanish and Latin American music. He has won numerous 1st prizes in national and international classical guitar competitions and festivals in Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Greece, Germany, Italy and the USA. In 2008, he won three first prizes at prestigious national guitar competitions: Annual Jacobs School of Music Competition in the Performance of Music from Spain and Latin America at Indiana University, Bloomington; Shadt String Competition organized by Pennsylvania’s Allentown Symphony Orchestra; and the Annual Texas Guitar Competition at the University of Texas in Dallas.