Chronicling Hoosier: Tracing Home in Historic Newspapers

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When and Where:
Saturday, November 12, 2016 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
at Indiana State Library

Author's Room, 315 W. Ohio St., Indianapolis, IN 46202

Chronicling Hoosier
Chandler Lighty, Kristi Palmer, Ted Polley, Caitlin Pollock


Event Description:

What is a “Hoosier?” Learn what digital historic newspapers reveal while exploring community history.
Chronicling Hoosier will provide avid “Hoosier” hunters, burgeoning genealogists, and the just plain curious equal delight in discovering the power of digital historic newspapers. Big data from historic sources transforms into compelling visualizations that provide new insights into our State’s long-fascination with the origin of the word Hoosier. Focusing on newspapers dating back to 1836, tactics will be taught that every Hoosier can use to search free, digital newspapers from the comfort of their own homes, embarking on their own discoveries of self, family, and community.
Historian Chandler Lighty will walk participants through Indiana’s own historic newspaper tool, Hoosier State Chronicles, demonstrating how to easily locate specific information but also how to lose one’s self in the depths of their community history, browsing the over 217,000 pages of local Indiana news.  Participants will receive a worksheet that allows them to customize a honed search for a particular topic, person, or event.  Attendees will leave with a new sense of communal identity through their beloved Hoosier moniker but also a step-by-step plan for beginning individual discovery through historic digital newspapers.
RSVP required by Nov. 8. 
Seating limited to 50. 

Presented by IUPUI University Library and Indiana Historical Bureau

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