Wandering to Where We All Live

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When and Where:
Saturday, November 12, 2016 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
at Butler University

Holcomb Gardens (meet at canal bridge), 4700 Garden Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46208

Daniel Axler, Dr. Jason Kelly, Mark Kesling


Event Description:

Art, science, and curiosity combine in this exploratory walk with local artists, scientists, and community members, which will explore a different way of seeing our waterways.

Our city is home to more than just people. When we slow down to take a gander at what's around us—whether for inspiration, study, or just curiosity—we learn more about what our home is to the people, plants, and animals around us. Participants will leave with new skills, increased understanding, and renewed curiosity about the places where they live.  

The “wandering” will begin at Holcomb Gardens when participants are given materials to collect, document, and ask questions about what they observe before walking to the Center for Urban Ecology farm, nearby woods, Rocky Ripple, and White River. Artists and scientists will discuss plants, animals, and other items of interest along the way. Walking north along the river to the Rocky Ripple town hall, “wanderers” will convene for discussion, coffee, and collective art creation about what we have experienced. Rocky Ripple community members will be present to provide their perspective on the role the waterways play in their daily lives. The walk returns and concludes at Holcomb Gardens.

RSVP by Nov.11.
Limit 50.

Presented by Butler University Center for Urban Ecology, IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute, the daVinci Pursuit, and The Town of Rocky Ripple.

IndyGo: 18 & 28