Many Thanks to Our Festival Donors

The annual Spirit & Place Festival is made possible through the generous support of many foundations, corporations, and individuals. We express our sincere thanks to all contributors for their commitment to Spirit & Place.

To make a gift to Spirit & Place, click DONATE above, or send your gift by mail:  make your check payable to the Spirit and Place Fund and mail to the IU Foundation, P.O. Box 6460, Indianapolis, IN 46206-6460.  

These donors have made unrestricted, five-year pledges of $1,000 or more annually to sustain Spirit & Place. 
Vicki Bohlsen
Judith Cebula & Michael Redmond
Pam Blevins Hinkle & Charles Hinkle
pegg kennedy & Michael Kennedy
Ken Honeywell & Well Done Marketing
Yanna McGraw & Rodney Johnson
Toby Miller
Robin Thoman & Carole Thoman
Gary Vigran & Jennifer Vigran
Rhonda Fox Waltz & Kevin Waltz, O.D., M.D.

The following include gifts received form July 2, 2017 through August 1, 2018. If your name is not listed as you would like it to appear, or if it has been omitted, please accept our apologies and call us at (317) 278-3623.

Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Bohlsen Group
Lilly Endowment Inc.
Margot L. and Robert S. Eccles Family Fund,
a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation
The Polis Center at IUPUI

Central Indiana Community Foundation
Frank Curtis and Irving Moxley Springer Fund,
a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation
Indiana Humanities, with support from the
National Endowment for the Humanities
The Indianapolis Foundation, a fund of
Central Indiana Community Foundation
Lacy Foundation
Second Presbyterian Church
Rhonda Fox Waltz & Kevin Waltz, O.D., M.D.

Christel DeHaan Family Foundation, in honor
of the children and families of Christel House
Center for Service & Learning at IUPUI
David Bodenhamer & Penny Bodenhamer

Pam Blevins Hinkle & Charles Hinkle
Michael Kennedy & pegg kennedy
Christian Theological Seminary
Carole Thoman, D.D.S. & Robin Thoman, D.D.S.
Indianapolis Power & Light Company

Arthur Jordan Foundation
Judith Cebula & Michael Redmond
Ken Honeywell & Well Done Marketing
Jon Laramore & Janet McCabe
N. Clay Robbins & Amy Robbins
William Scott, Ph.D. & Helene Scott
The Penrod Society LTD
Gary Virgran & Jennifer Vigran Charitable Trust

Sharolyn Doane
Edward Gabovitch, M.D. & Phyllis Gabovitch
Jane Henegar & Matthew Gutwein
Sarah Nevin Welsh & Peter Welsh
Charles Williams & Robbie Williams

Helmi Banta & Ronald Banta
Margaret Boehm & Theodore Boehm
Linda Cook
M L. Coufal
Emily Hancock
Charles Hyde & Samantha Hyde
David Jose, J.D. & Mimi Jose
Leslie Kidwell & Michael Kidwell Jr.
David Kosene
Edith Millikan
John Mitchell & Mary Jane Mitchell
Beth Perdue Outland
D H. Royce
Ingrid Sato & Takuya Sato, M.D.
Gail Thomas Strong & Anthony Strong
Jack Tandy & Kim Tandy
Tasha Phelps & Phelco Technologies

Susan Adams, Ph.D.
Jennifer Agramonte
Waseema Ali
Barbara Alles
Duncan Alney
Barbara Alpert & Joseph Alpert
Alan Archibald & Becky Archibald
Laila Ayoubi, Ph.D.
Anne Belcher, Ph.D.
Pamela Bennett
Barbara Bernhard
Natalie Boehm
Glen Bohannon & Jeanne Bohannon
Helen-Louise Boling & Joseph E. Boling
Evagene Bond
Brice Bowman & Teresa Brown-Bowman
Elizabeth Brandt
Charles Brinkman & Kathleen Brinkman
Stephen Brockmann
Carol Brown & John Brown, M.D.
Henry Brown
John Buechler & Melissa Buechler
Moira Carlstedt & William Carlstedt, Jr.,
in honor of Brian & Gail Payne
Paradox Dental Center
Jessica Chapman
Victor Childers, D.B.A.
Jan Clark
Frances Colley
Ann Daly
Neil Devadasan
Debra Epstein & Joel Epstein
Beth Fineberg
Bruce Frank & Linda Frank
Charlotte Galloway
R J. Gibson
Jessica Glendening
Laurel Goetzinger
Elizabeth Goodfellow & Karl Goodfellow
Austin Greene & Christine Greene
John Grice
Kent Grimes & Susan Grimes
Jacqueline Griswold
Coyene Halpern
Aundrea Hart
Christopher Hausermann & Sara Hausermann
Mary Hayes
Mary Hays
John Hazer, Ph.D. & Susan Hazer
Margaret Hazlett & Samuel Hazlett
Dan Hess & Joy Hess
Michael Hertel & Joelynn Gifford
John Hill & Judith Hill
Martha Hoover
Tricia Hudspeth
Ella Hurrell & John Hurrell Charitable Trust
Cynthia Jackson, Ed.D. & Dennis Jackson, Ed.D.
Anne Jay & Stephen Jay, M.D.
Yanna McGraw & Rodney Johnson
Ann Jones & William Jones
Sharon Kandris & John Kandris
Venetta Keefe
Sheila Kennedy & Robert Kennedy
Carol Killen & James Killen
Janice Klein
Susan Kleinman & William Kleinman, M.D.
Tibor Klopfer & Shawna Frazer-Klopfer
Sara Koehler & Kenneth Koehler
Norbert Krapf, Ph.D. & Katherine Krapf
Margaret Maxwell & John Krauss
Anne Laker & Joseph Merrick
Ellen Sayles Lane & Henry Lane
Dan LaRue
Keri Jeter & Wayne Lewis
Patricia Ley
Scott Johnson & Cindy Lory
William Lovejoy
Karl Lyon
Therese Maxwell
Mary Sue McAlister & Phil McAlister
Carol McDonald
Robert McNamara & Eleanor McNamara
Tilden Mendelson & Cathy Mendelson
Martha Miles
Velvet Miller, Ph.D.
Lori Miser & William Miser
Andrea Muller
Barbara Oberreich
Tricia O’Neil
Kathleen Pataluch
Brian Payne & Gail Payne
Elaine Powell & Richard Miles
Judith Powell & The Judith K. Powell Living Trust
Michelle Powell & Matt Powell
Connie Price
Joanne Puckett & Ryan Puckett
Susanna-Judith Rae & Earl Hoppert
Evelyn Ridley-Turner & John Turner
Epha Riche
Wanda Riesz-Dochnowski, Ed.D.
Kathryn Rietmann
Norma Rocklage
Margaret Sheehan
Betty Small
Madeleine Smith
Pearson Smith & Janie Smith
Joyce Sommers
Amy Lynne Stewart & Craig Hartzer
Bonnie Swaim
Kelsey Taylor
James Thorne & Jayne Thorne
Patricia Tyburski & Robert Tyburski
Rita Venable
Susan Vinicor
Ashley Virden
Elaine Voci
Kelly Wallace & Tetlu Myint
Rosalind Harris Webb, M.D.
Don C. Weiser, M.D. & Anna Weiser
Elizabeth White
Audrey Wiebenga & William Wiebenga
Roger Wilson & Sherri Wilson
Marguerite Winslow & Loretta Knapp
Melanie Wissel & William Wissel
Kay Youngblood & Lynn Youngblood, Ed.D.
Jennifer Yumibe & Nathan Yumibe

Eli Lilly & Company
IBM Corporate Foundation
Lilly Endowment Inc.
The PNC Foundation

Groundwork Indy
Indianapolis Public Library
Kheprw Institute
MLK Community Center