Michelle Mussoni

Michelle (Mogchelle) Mussoni  been featured in national and international magazines, and several online entertainment news sources for her costuming. Over the years she has won countless awards internationally for both craftsmanship and performance on the masters level, and is considered a master craftsman by the International Costumers Guild. Conventions across the country often ask Michelle to present panels/workshops on various topics such as lightweight armor creation, thermoplastics, molding and casting, wig design, special FX makeup, wings, etc. Michelle has done work for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Manga Entertainment, Studio Ironcat LLC, and video game, comic book, and anime publishers across the country. She can also be seen doing workshops for public libraries during the summer throughout the Midwest. Every year, she chooses a charity organization to help raise funds for by donating a portion of the profits of her craft and print sales. https://www.facebook.com/mogchellecosplay