About the Spirit & Place Festival

Spirit & Place opens minds, touches hearts, builds bridges and helps citizens move forward in new ways individually and collectively. It's all in our name: Spirit & Place. Through growth of the human spirit, Central Indiana becomes a better place.

Winner of the NUVO Cultural Vision Award and the Indiana Achievement Award, the Spirit & Place Festival reaches 20,000 people annually through dozens of "never-seen-before" programs. Artists and authors, entrepreneurs and neighborhood organizers, storytellers and scholars come together with singles and couples, families and friends in a true community conversation. Think: TED lecture, but interactive and on steroids.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for civic engagement through creative collaborations among the arts, humanities, and religion. Through the arts, the festival uses the language of metaphor to explore sometimes difficult ideas. Through the humanities, the festival illuminates the distinct and common narratives of the human condition. Through religion, the festival embraces the values of compassion, fairness, hospitality, and service that fuel our life in community.

Spirit & Place is a community project managed by
The Polis Center, part of the IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. The Polis Center works collaboratively to provide community-based research, analysis, information, and access to advanced information technologies. Spirit & Place is an example of Polis's commitment to creating collaborative, practical, and effective solutions for the communities in which we live.

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Belief Statements

         Since 1996, the festival has
        reached over 250,000 people.